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Vylla Title for Buyers and Sellers

Are you looking for a title company that makes homeownership simple? Look no further than Vylla Title! We offer exceptional service and next-level tech to simplify the homebuying or selling process. You’ll have a single point of contact to help you every step of the way. Now that’s homeownership made simple!

Need a real estate agent?

Vylla Title is part of the Vylla and Carrington Family of Companies serving nearly all aspects of the real estate transaction, and that means we actually have a brokerage called Vylla Home that would love to help! If you’d like to connect with an experienced, local real estate professional to learn more about buying or selling a home, we’d be happy to refer you to a Vylla Home REALTOR®!

Title FAQS

A title is proof that the owner is in lawful possession of a specified piece of property. In simpler words, title is ownership.

Title insurance is an insurance policy that protects you against loss that could result from issues regarding the title of a property you are purchasing. This protects you from issues that may already exist rather than future events like many common types of insurance. Title insurance is handled through a one-time premium payment and the insurance policy is valid until a property’s ownership (title) changes.

There are typically two types of title insurance policy types: lender’s policy (which insures the lender’s interest in the property) and owner’s policy (which insures the home buyer and new owners.) Your title and lending representatives can advise best practices for your specific and unique transaction.

Escrow is the process through which any funds of a transaction are held by a third party, often the title company or an attorney firm, pending finalization of the transaction. Escrow essentially serves as a protection for the buyer, seller and lender in any transaction to legally hold funds and property until all transaction conditions have been met.

Vylla is committed to supporting our buyers and sellers by simplifying the role of a title and settlement company. We accomplish this by assigning a single point of contact for your transaction and providing automated updates throughout the life of the transaction. Our national coverage, competitive pricing, and commitment to strong customer service through communication gives you the added assurance that your investment is in the right hands.

More tactically speaking, Vylla Title provides reporting on the current owner of the property and coordinates the change in ownership, including the identification of title issues and recording of new documents. Our settlement services cover administrative accounting functions to make sure funds are handled as intended.

Buyers and sellers can expect Vylla Title to assist each step of the way, including:

  • Collection of Ernest Money
  • Title Search
  • Title Examination
  • Curing any title defects
  • Document Preparation
  • Settlement / Closing
  • Recording of Applicable Legal Documents
  • Issuance of Title Insurance Policy

Different property types will impact what you ultimately own as a buyer and your legal rights and responsibilities related to the property. Common property types include single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and manufactured homes.

A single-family home does not share any walls with other homes or structures, is free-standing, and is built on its own land. Benefits of a single-family home include full ownership of the home as well as the property/land the home sits on, which means owners are able to remodel or rebuild the property and landscape to their preference. This also means owners are responsible for all remodels, repairs and maintenance.

A townhome is attached to at least one additional home and is located on land that other townhome owners also own. Benefits of a townhome may include amenities and maintenance that the owner is not responsible for. Townhomes provide less privacy than single family homes and often come with restrictions on remodeling.

A condominium is usually similar to an apartment due to multi-unit design and shared spaces and amenities. Condominium owners own only the inside of their own unit and share not only space, but financial responsibility for the overall building. Benefits of a condominium may include lower purchase price and additional amenities. Condominiums may also come with higher monthly homeowner’s fees and offer less privacy.

A manufactured home or mobile home is a single-family home that is built and/or assembled at an outside location to the land it will sit; owners may own the manufactured home and the land, or may lease land instead. Benefits of a manufactured home include cost-efficiencies and the ability to transport the structure. A manufactured home may be less durable and less resistant to weather and time.

Avoiding wire fraud and red flags

Unfortunately, some steps in a real estate process require private information and transfer of funds that create targets for potential scams and illegal activity. Remember that it is easy to avoid wire fraud or any transaction issues if you stay alert and follow the instructions below!

Steps to prevent wire fraud.

  1. Obtain the best phone number for your Escrow Officer or Office at the beginning of the transaction, and do not use any other number as a contact. Provide important information in person or over the phone directly with your contact instead of within emails or text messages.
  2. Never provide personal information or banking details in emails or text messages. When you do email, ensure you are using a secure email account with strong passwords and/or multi-step authentication. Do not use public computers or Wi-Fi.

    When you call, verbally confirm the wire transfer instructions with your contact, and confirm the bank routing number, account number and any other figures before transferring funds.
Chair in front of a desk with a laptop

Red flags and warning signs

  1. If you receive emails from any addresses other than “,” please verify the messages with your Escrow Officer or Title representative over the phone directly. This would include messages claiming to be from Vylla Title, but sent from an account such as Gmail or Yahoo.
  2. Beware of any wire instructions from an unknown contact, or instructions asking you to wire funds to any company other than Vylla Title.
  3. Also watch for changes in contact details or unfamiliar contacts, such as a text message or call claiming to be from Vylla Title with an unknown or new phone number.
  4. Any sudden sense of urgency for you to wire funds should raise a red flag. You will be informed by your contact at Vylla Title of upcoming wires and provided clear instructions.