Licenses Disclaimer

Licenses Disclaimer
Vylla Title, LLC and its agents and affiliates (collectively, “Vylla Title”) operates out of the following service centers, and holds the following state licenses:

Service Centers

  • California 25 Enterprise, Suite 301 Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
  • Texas 6200 Tennyson Parkway, Suite 110 Plano, TX 75024
  • Pennsylvania 1187 Thorn Run Rd. Ext. Suite 320 Coraopolis, PA 15108
  • Indiana 2100 E. 196th Street, Suite 200-B Westfield, IN 46074

State Licenses

StateLicense #Licensed Entity
Alabama808873Vylla Title – Alabama LLC
Arkansas3000185816Vylla Title – Arkansas, LLC
Arizona3000619436Vylla Settlement
California6323-0Vylla Title, Inc.
Colorado388608Vylla Title, LLC
District of Columbia3044686Vylla Title, LLC
Delaware1133561Vylla Title, LLC
FloridaW058995Vylla Title, LLC
Georgia163561Vylla Title, LLC
IllinoisN/AVylla Title, LLC
Indiana759385Vylla Title, LLC
Kansas27-1791982Vylla Title, LLC
KentuckyN/AVylla Title, LLC
Louisiana540494YVylla Title, LLC
MassachusettsN/AVylla Title, LLC
Maryland2073126Vylla Title, LLC
MaineAGN191451Vylla Title, LLC
Michigan95638Vylla Title, LLC
Minnesota40274891Vylla Title, LLC
Missouri8162990Vylla Title, LLC
Missississippi15018264Vylla Title, LLC
Montana729226Vylla Title, LLC
North Carolina271791982Vylla Title, LLC
North Dakota2000013162Vylla Title, LLC
Nebraska100179642Vylla Title, LLC
New Hampshire2088377Vylla Title, LLC
New Jersey1307036Vylla Title, LLC
Nevada3359091Vylla Title, LLC
New YorkTLA-1365014Vylla Settlement, LLC
Ohio976449Vylla Title, LLC
Pennsylvania615724Vylla Settlement, LLC
Rhode IslandN/AVylla Title, LLC
South Carolina182564Vylla Title, LLC
Tennessee2042812Vylla Title, LLC
Texas1877315Vylla Title, LLC
Virginia130677Vylla Title, LLC
VermontN/AVylla Title, LLC
Washington: King County997491Vylla Title, LLC
Washington: Pierce County997491Vylla Title, LLC
Washington: Snohomish County997491Vylla Title, LLC
WisconsinN/AVylla Title, LLC
West Virginia100120675Vylla Title, LLC